Quick & Quiet Treestands

Woods and Water Inc., the manufacturer of the Quick & Quiet treestand was founded by Neil Hoffman in the 1970’s. It's the oldest, continuous manufacturer of treestands in the world! Neil designed his first treestand in 1971 (The first year Wisconsin allowed hunters to hunt from an elevated platform) and for over 3 decades, he’s continued to refine the design, finish, and manufacturing processes of his product. His platform has withstood the test of time and has been used by generations of hunters. Neil is now in his 70’s and after close to 4 decades, was looking to pass on his experience and proprietary designs and manufacturing practices to someone, that not only is passionate about the outdoors and hunting, but would carry on the tradition of quality and attention to detail that he’s built into thousands of Quick & Quiet treestands over the years.

Mark Cama has hunted and has been an avid outdoorsman since the 1980’s and in 2004, set out to design a new line of treestand. He formed a company called Stealth Treestands Inc. and with the help of Aerospace engineers, came up with a truly unique concept for a hunting platform. The design of the Stealth Treestand’s platform is very different from the cast or welded tubular steel/ aluminum platforms that are on the market today. By a more efficient use of material (“I-beam” type design), was able to increase the strength/ weight ratio, which resulted in a very light, but strong platform. The design reduced the weight of the platform by several pounds, potentially making it one of the lightest platforms on the market today. He looked beyond treestands and designed some other innovative hunting accessories and in 2008 changed the name to The Stealth Project Inc.. 

He was a big proponent of Neil Hoffman’s Quick & Quiet design and has used a Quick and Quiet treestand for close to 2 decades. It’s an incredibly strong, stable, and reliable platform. It’s easy to pack in, place on, and get up a tree with.  Although he’s acquired a number of treestands over the years, he’s always seemed to reach for the Quick & Quiet when heading out for a hunt. It was his “Go to stand”. His company’s objective was to attempt to redesign and improve upon what he considered to be the “Gold Standard” in treestands…The Quick & Quiet. Although he and his team of engineers did come up with some innovative and novel designs, he found himself “borrowing” some of the design concepts used on the Quick & Quiet. He was scheduled to release his line of treestands and accessories in early 2014.

He began discussing the possibility of taking over the Quick & Quiet line from Woods and Water Inc. in 2012 and in early 2013 a deal was struck. It was a perfect marriage of Woods and Water Inc., having decades of experience in the hunting industry and manufacturing treestands with the new innovative designs and concepts of The Stealth Project Inc. The new company is The Stealth Project Inc. D.B.A. Quick & Quiet Treestands. Neil, the President of Woods and Water Inc. has agreed to continue to work with Stealth to help with the merger and explore some new design concepts.

The company will be relocating from Wisconsin to the Northeast (New England area). Quick & Quiets office, showroom, and manufacturing facility will be in a new 4000 sq. ft. facility located in Burrillville, RI.  All are welcome to visit and check out some of the new innovative concepts we’ll be releasing for the Fall of 2013. We are extremely excited about some of the new products we’re working on. There won’t be many changes to the platform for 2013, but we’ll be working with Neil and are considering some options for a new design for 2014. The goal is to shave a couple pounds off of the platform, yet continue to lead the industry for the platform’s weight capacity. The new facility will be fully operational by July/ August of 2013. A big focus of ours, over the next several months, includes more comfortable climbing aids, light weight and comfortable safety harnesses, innovative hang-on stands, and other proprietary accessories.

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