The Stealth Concept

The Stealth System is a new paradigm, in the way to hunt, using a climbing treestand. The concept is simple. …All other treestand manufacturers offer two part climbing stands. The stands are designed to be strapped on your back. They extend from your head to, in some cases, mid calf. The stands are heavy, bulky, and noisy and a bear to get through thick cover with. The Stealth System is a Quick & Quiet one piece climbing treestand platform that doubles as a seat (with a fold down leg support component). It for those, who believe, that “Less is more”. It is half the weight and bulk of most other stands on the market. It is housed in a fleece carry bag that is either carried, with a shoulder strap or with handles, “brief case” style. It provides a virtually silent approach to your hunting location.

There are many benefits: 

  • You carry less in the woods (platform weighs in at less than 12 lbs.)
  • You reduce the bulk of a two part stand (no strapping a big clunky treestand platform, climber/ Seat on your back and wrestle to get through thick brush while trying to keep noise to a minimum.
  • The fold flat Quick & Quiet stand is housed in a fleece carry bag and is virtually silent as you hike in to your stand location.
  • The climbing strap is a much more efficient method to ascend a tree and is less likely to make unwanted noise as you climb.
  • It is very comfortable and the ergonomics are very similar to sitting in the comfy chair in your office or living room. It allows for a much larger surface area in seated position than any others available today.
  • You can descend tree much faster than a two part stand.
  • The fold down leg support allows you to step up into the stand. The benefits are two-fold: The stand can be placed 3-4 feet above the ground tree and get beyond the maximum taper in the trunk, which allows for a better estimation of the start angle of platform and allows you to get a jump on ascending the tree.
  • The climbing strap can be used to drag out your quarry.

Here’s a little background on this “new” concept of hunting with a one piece climbing treestand. It actually isn’t a new concept at all. It began in the late 50’s and during the 60’s, with the advent of the Jones and Baker climbing treestands. If you hunted from a Baker or Jones treestand in the 60’s, 70’s, or early 80’s you know that, although it was compact and lightweight, it had many limitations. Hunters using these products were:

  • They didn’t come with seats and therefore weren’t as comfortable as some of the products on the market today. One option, as opposed to standing for your whole hunt, was to sit on the platform and let your legs dangle. This created its own series of issues: The weight of your legs, on the edge of the platform would cut-off the circulation to your toes and feet…they’d get cold and your hunt would be over. It was also difficult to stand from a seated position without a step.;
  • The treestand and platform was not as strong/ safe as those being offered today (with platforms constructed of plywood). 
  • Wing nuts used to secure the rigid “V-bar” to struts could be lost in leaves.
  • The hinges were not as strong or secure as those used today.
  • The angle of the struts attached to the rigid “V-bar” (that goes around the back of the tree) was not ideal.

We’ve addressed each of these issues and created a system with all of the benefits mentioned above. This system is not for everyone. It requires some upper body strength. Although, If you can hang from a limb while bending your knees, you will be rewarded by the most compact, easy to use, quietest, and fastest climbing treestand system available on the market today. “Go in deeper, lighter, more silent, and climb faster than ever before”!