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    Stealth System

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    The Stealth System is a new paradigm, in the way to hunt, using a climbing treestand. The concept is simple. …All other treestand manufacturers offer two part climbing stands. The stands are designed to be strapped on your back. They extend from your head to, in some cases, mid calf. The stands are heavy, bulky, and noisy and a bear to get through thick cover with. The Stealth System is a Quick & Quiet one piece climbing treestand platform that doubles as a seat (with a fold down leg support component). It for those, who believe, that “Less is more”. It is half the weight and bulk of most other stands on the market. It is housed in a fleece carry bag that is either carried, with a shoulder strap or with handles, “brief case” style. It provides a virtually silent approach to your hunting location.

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